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Skates Musical
Skates Musical

I discovered the real me beneath the glittering, mirrored ball of a roller rink on Chicago’s Southside. It was 1977. Colored lights a-swirled, funky music a-pumped and my little heart was never the same.


Like many kids, I went through an awkward phase. It was at this crossroads that I stumbled upon the local roller rink. When I laced up my skates and whooshed across the floor, I transformed like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon. All-Skate Saturday was my favorite place to be.


On the eve of my 30th birthday, I found myself questioning decisions I’d made and doubting exactly who I was. Where had the spunky, self-assured girl gone? I’d lost my footing and began the tedious process of reclaiming my spirit and pluck.


Inspired by my childhood love for the rink, SKATES, explores Jacqueline Miller’s journey as she realigns with her authentic self. If you could go back and talk to yourself as a twelve-year old, what would they think of the choices you’ve made as an adult?


I invite you to lose yourself with Jackie and the gang at Windy City Skates. Reminisce, explore and remember, “Use what you got, Kid! Use what you got.”

                               With Warmth,

                     Christine Rea

                               Creator and Producer

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